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Country Scale & Equipment Ballarat
RDS Australia
We supply a wide range of RDS products a sample of which are below.
If the product that you are after is not below please contact us & we will give you quote.

 The Liftlog is intended for weighing on forklift trucks. It measures, displays
and records the net weight lifted, based on sensing the lift system hydraulic

The instrument has an illuminated 4-digit LCD display, 5 front panel switches,
an external Load Enter Button, and an internal audible alarm. An external
audible alarm is optional. The instrument is normally powered on via the
ignition circuit and recalls the function selected when last used.

There are 5 individual display channels available. These can be calibrated for
up to 5 different commodities. Each channel will display the net weight lifted
at any time. If required the weight can be added to the total for the channel in
use and will also be added to the TOTAL channel, which accumulates weight
from all of the five channels.

The instrument can be configured to automatically print each weight entered,
or individual load total when the instrument is zeroed for the next load. Also,
you can at any time print out the accumulated total for channel 1 to 5, and
the Grand Total (channel 6).

For each channel you can :
Adjust the Weight Calibration Factor
Set either Static or Dynamic Weighing Mode.
Set the Zero Weight.
Display and add the weight to the sub-total.
Receive audible alarm confirmation of the zero and load entering.
Print the last weight automatically
Print an accumulated total
Reset the accumulated total (and automatically print a summary)

Price ranging from $ to $ plus GST
Dependent on Model

LOADLOG 500+ is an on-board weighing system for vehicles with or without cabs.

The Loadlog 500+ is intended for use on industrial loaders, front-end loaders, and back-hoe loaders, (loader side only). It measures, displays and records the net weight lifted, normally based on sensing the lift system hydraulic pressure.

Pressure sensing is problematic on certain types of equipment due to the design of the hydraulic system. In these instances strain sensing technology may be used instead. The Loadlog 500+ also has lift speed compensation to improve accuracy when weighing dynamically.


  • Weigh as you lift
  • Fast, user friendly and accurate to 2% or better of loader capacity
  • Improves operational efficiency


  • Speed compensation
  • Illuminated, easy to read LCD display
  • Printer option
Price ranging from $ to $ plus GST
Dependent on Model
Loadmaster 800
Price ranging from $ to $ plus GST
Dependent on Model
Loadmaster 8000i


Head unit

2 x Heavy duty load sensors

Vehicle hydraulic fitting kit

Reference / direction sensors

Enter button for lift lever.


LOADMASTER 9000 is a trade approved on-board weighing system for wheeled loaders.


  • Legal for Trade ( NSC approval for use in Australia)
  • Approved for operation in all EEC countries, Brazil, The Czech Republic, Estonia, New Zealand, Hungary, Israel, Poland, Slovakia, Tunisia
  • Traceable loads to OIML standards
  • Can easily be switched between approved and non-approved weighing functions
  • Provides an operational and management record and verification of weighbridge tickets
  • Eliminates return trips from the weighbridge of over/underloaded vehicles
  • Reduces weighbridge queues
  • Ensures lorries are correctly first time
  • Improves site safety by eliminating unnecessary vehicle movements.
  • Weighing ‘on the lift’ speeds operation, enabling your operators load more vehicles per shift
  • Easy upgrade fromexisting
  • Allows 2 machine calibrations in specialist applications


  • Head unit
  • 2 x Heavy duty load sensors
  • Vehicle hydraulic fitting kit
  • Reference/direction sensors
  • Enter button for lift lever
  • Connection box
  • Crowd sensor
  • Temperature sensor
All prices quoted on this site exclude delivery & scales do not come with QA Calibration Certificates or Trade Measurment Certifications.
The above mentioned services can be supplied & are at an extra charge.