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Nuweigh JAC 424
  • 5kg x 20g
  • 10kg x 50g
  • 25kg x 100g
  • 50kg x 200g
  • 100kg x 500g
  • 200kg x 1kg
  • 152mm diameter dial
  • Perspex dial cover
  • Heavy duty steel housing
Price ranging
Dependent on Model

Model: 8801
This unit is a very accurate food grade thermometer,
in a heavy duty Instrument case.
This unit has plug in K Probes and the probes are easily replaceable.
Ideal for transport or as a master unit.
This will last and outlast many other units.
Many different styles of probes are available
( complete with 1 wire probe and 1 Stainless food probe)

Model: Pocket Temp
Latest model. Temp range -50 C to +280 C.
Water proof with safety probe cover.
Auto shut off and all food grad construction.
Meets all food standard requirements for accuracy

Model: RTM 3030
Full metal jacket thermometer!!!
STAINLESS STEEL for long life.
Has both stand and hang mount.
(clips onto wire racks). 
C  O L O U R coded dial face to show safe food temperatures
-30 C up to +30deg C

Model: TM 10250
Put this unit inside the HOT food displays
to easily monitor.
The Stainless steel case suitable for 
HOT TEMPS. Holding and Cooking
Temp. +10 C up to + 250deg C

Model: Coffee Thermometer Long
Food Grade stainless steel. 2 sizes.
This one is large for use in 1 Litre or 2 quart Jugs.
The dial is 35 mm and the stem is 210 mm.
Temp range is 0 to 10 0 C.
Complete with Clip as shown and Coffee tips on the pack.
With a colour band showing the best temperature for the milk.

Model: Medi-Temp
This unit has 2 temperature sensors.
1 inbuilt inside the unit and another sensor on a 3 meter wire.
Use the remote wire sensor to monitor fridges or freezers.
Inbuilt alarms that can tell you that the temp limits are exceeded.
Inbuilt Memory so that you can see what the temperature got up to
and down to during the weekend or overnight.
Wide range of -50 C up to +70C. With magnetic and velcro mounting.
The remote sensor has a sticky mount, suction cap and screw down mount
inc. Battery powered- Immune to power outs




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